OLEVRA for Sport

Sports and movement are health. Regular sports training strengthens the immune system, maintains the cardiovascular system in shape and can prevent many diseases.

Sports and movement strengthen the heart muscle. Therefore, at each stroke, the heart can pump more blood into the body and thus it is not necessary to beat so intensely. The heart is spared, and the heart muscle can be better supplied with blood in the pauses between two strokes.

Through movement and sports blood vessels are kept elastic and the risk of occurrence of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis decreases. Sports and movement also balance cholesterol levels. Sports training also affects the so-called “mental” fitness.

Therefore, OLEVRA has decided to formally promote sports and movement.

In this connection, tennis is now at the forefront, as well as its kind Paddle Tennis. For the Tennis, a Women’s Olevra Cup with a cash prize of $ 25,000 was created. Olevra Cup is an international tennis tournament for women of the International Tennis Federation and is held every year.

Paddle Tennis encourages mass sports.

The first Olevra Cup was held in 2018 in Palmela, see and

In this connection, an isotonic beverage was also established and provided to the market as the brand OLEVRA. The beverage was first offered for sale only at sporting events in Portugal and Spain. Further marketing activities are planned to expand sales throughout Europe.