OLEVRA’s Objectives

About us

Dendritic cell therapy is a completely natural, organic treatment that has been conducted for many years in patients, mainly in the US, Japan and Germany. Despite the registered results, to date there are still no scientific claims about the success of this therapy.  On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the extraction and processing of dendritic cells from country to country and from laboratory to laboratory is different and furthermore clinical trials in a wide range have not been carried out to date.

Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry has begun to engage in research in this area for several years, however, pursues its own goals, i.e. to develop a drug in connection with a virus. Classical dendritic cell therapy is always based only on your own blood.  In fact, cells cannot be extracted from the blood of another person and stored as stocks. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry does not benefit from classical cell therapy and therefore has no interest in demonstrating the outcome by using large clinical trials.

In classical dendritic cell therapy, the merit goes to specialists in this field and the laboratories and physicians admitted who are involved in the treatment.

The aim of OLEVRA is to determine the best method for extracting and producing dendritic cells and thereby establishing a generally valid method.  In addition, in order to prove effectiveness, clinical trials will be conducted according to international standards.